• cylindrical container with screw cap
  • polyethylene: Chemical resistant, UV-stabilized, food-safe
  • seamlessly produced through the rotary melting process
  • sintered litre scale
  • container color: natural-transparent (white) or black
  • suitable cylindrical collection container: Series CTB

Type Outer-Ø mm Lid mm Lid type Emptying mm Total height mm Wide mm Length mm Height mm Cone Degree Footprint Length mm Footprint Wide mm Palettes incl. Depth mm Payload kg Volume literssort descending
FD-L 1100 1100 CPM-410 1340 1100
FD-L 1400 1100 CPM-410 1660 1400
FD-L 1700 1210 CPM-410 1710 1700
FD-L 2000 1310 CPM-410 1715 2000
FD-L 2050 1210 CPM-410 2000 2050
FD-L 2400 1310 CPM-410 2005 2400
FD-L 2500 1470 CPM-410 1660 2500
FD-L 3000 1470 CPM-410 2020 3000

The FD-L is the largest standard type among all the dosing containers. The large form of the mounting bridge offers space for a wide variety of units. Made of LLD-PE (Low-Linear Density Polyethylene), the chemical-resistant, food-safe and UV-stabilized container is low-strained and seamless with a high wall thickness and a very smooth inner surface.


As accessories, there are cylindrical and rectangular collection containers, hand stomped mixers, hand mixers, pumps and the equipment with welding fittings, PE mounting plates and pipes.

ARICON dosing containers are available in natural-transparent (white) and black. Other container colors are available on request.


The dosing containers are seamlessly manufactured in the low-strain rotary melting process. Polyethylene is resistant to most chemicals. For more clarification of the resistance of the container against the medium which is being used, we offer a resistance list in the download area. Temperature resistance is in the range from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C.

As an over-tank for the dosing container FD-L, we recommend cylindrical containers of the series SBO and CTB. The double-walled version of the container-in-container offers leakage-security during lots of dripping and spills. This corresponds to the statutory requirements of the WHG (Water House Act) for the storage of water-hazardous liquids.

By the way, you can find more than 40 rectangular tub types with DIBt certification in the ARICON delivery program: the collecting tub WR, the safety tub WRL and the safety pallet WRP with up to 1200 x 2000 mm installation surface for container combinations!

ARICON plastic plant is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, offers high product quality and manufacturing depth, many years of experience in the process, expert advice on the possibilities of the usage of polyethylene containers and the realization of ordered serial moldings.