Dosing container

ARICON dosing containers consists of high-quality polyethylene and are seamlessly produced through the rotary melting process. They are almost tension-free, have high uniform wall thicknesses and very smooth inner walls. The containers are chemical resistant, UV stabilized and food safe. They have a molded-in litre scale and flat spots for the montage of fittings. In the lower part there is a molded-in threaded socket ¾ ", including a plug and EPDM seal, which can be drilled out if it’s required.

The 6 dosage container series FD-E, FD-A, FD-C, FD-G, FD-I and FD-L vary in the design of the montage surfaces. Depending on the dosage container type, the sections differ for the optimal allocation of pumps, agitators, suction lances and more. Some series have molded in slot nuts for a secure connection to the surface, or the fast assembly of pumps and agitators. ARICON offers dosing containers from 35 up to 3,000 liters.

The dosing containers have screw caps with a EPDM seal. As an option, lockable covers are available. The cover color is standard green, alternatively blue, black or natural-transparent (optically white). Dosing containers are always in stock and directly available in natural-transparent (white) and black.

- The FD-E is the economical and popular standard type of dosing containers. The versatile form of the mounting bridge offers space for a wide range of different aggregates.

- The dosing container FD-A is distinguished by the large semi-circular montage surface. The small round surface of the FD-A 140 - FD-A 500 is intended for agitators and several superstructures, e.g. A pump and a agitator.

The dosing container FD-C is distinguished by a rectangular montage surface, which is only intended for a few superstructures, e.g. only for a agitator or a pump.

- The dosing container FD-G has a mounting bridge with molded-in threaded sockets, for the direct assembly of dosing pumps.

- The FD-I dosing container has a high raised mounting surface on which molded-in brass slot nuts are located for an easy connection to dosing pumps

- The FD-L is the largest standard type among the dosing container. The large form of the mounting bridge offers space for a wide variety of aggregates. For heavy additions chose the t-bridge form with a mounting plate in addition.

- The BD-A is our first rectangular dosing tank and offers through its great mounting are a lot of space for your pumps and further accessories.


You need a tank made out of electric conductible material? ARICON offers every series as well made of the material PE-EL. A static charging is thereby avoided. Gladly we make a fitting order for you.